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Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Beds

Let's face it: your dog is a cherished member of your family who deserves the best, be it the best dog food, the best exercise, and of course the best orthopedic dog bed. While we can't help with the dog food and exercise part, we're all about providing the highest quality, affordable dog beds that integrate with your home decor. In fact, our memory foam dog beds, made with clusters of the material, are the only beds on the market certified by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) for safety and quality.

If only the best rated memory foam dog beds are right for you and your cherished dog:

Relieves Pain
The open cell construction of the Ortho-Bliss memory foam orthopedic dog bed provides your pet with support, relieves painful pressure points, and improves circulation. If your pet suffers from muscle pain, poor circulation, hip dysplasia, arthritis, or is elderly/senior, an Ortho-Bliss orthopedic dog bed will relieve pain and make them more comfortable.   

100% Memory Foam Clusters – No Fillers Here!
Memory foam, which was developed by NASA scientists in 1966 to improve aircraft safety, is the only material Pet Dreams uses to fill our line of Ortho-Bliss Orthopedic Dog Beds.  Since most orthopedic dog beds use a thin layer of memory foam glued to cheap foam, Ortho-Bliss Orthopedic Dog Beds are clinically proven to provide superior comfort and support. In fact, this orthopedic memory foam dog bed supports up to 45% more weight than cheap beds sold by others.

Proprietary Orthopedic Channeling
Exclusive memory foam channeling prevents shifting and flattening that is common with cheaper orthopedic dog beds and provides even support.  After all, who wants a lump, uneven bed!?

Practical Solution
Ortho-Bliss orthopedic dog beds have machine washable (removable) covers that are also dryer friendly. In addition, this orthopedic dog bed was designed to fit all major brands of dog crates and kennels.

Environmentally Friendly
All Orth-Bliss dog beds are made with 100% eco-friendly memory foam clusters. Buy smart.